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Web Feet Communications works tirelessly to design websites that are inspired and strategic to promote the web presence for its partners. We focus on small churches, businesses, and nonprofit organizations—the underdog. Why do we focus on the underdog? Simply put, we believe these groups are just as deserving of a stellar website as a Fortune 500 company that has the capital to build a robust website. A bank account should not limit growth in a business or hinder awareness for a nonprofit. 

Below are examples of two websites we redesigned. The first example is a small medical practice. The website was originally designed by the doctor who owns the practice.  After supporting this site for a year, she realized the site design could be more robust. Working in conjunction with Vines Film, we redesigned the website to improve the design and the company's web presence. Vines Film produced the video which spotlights the the doctor's chiropractic practice. 


The second example is a medium-sized church that needed a redesign to include live streaming because of the lockdown due to the pandemic. They also needed to improve the user experience because the previous website was cumbersome and no longer mobile-friendly.  Working in conjunction with Gray Works Technologies, we designed a 21st century website with the ability to live stream its sermons, Bible Study, etc. and now boasts a better user experience. 

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