What's the Right Mix for Your Business?


A marketing communications plan is a written plan to communicate your marketing messages to your target customer audience for a specified length of time. It is one component of your overall marketing plan, which also includes research, strategy, competitive analysis, etc.


The Marketing Communications Mix is the specific mix of:

  • advertising,

  • personal selling,

  • sales promotion,

  • public relations, and direct marketing


A company uses a mix of the above to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. These plans must be analyzed and restructured as needed to achieve the marketing goal for the company or organization. 


Here are eight ways to communicate your strategy more effectively


1. Keep the message simple, but deep in meaning.

2. Build behavior based on market and customer insights.

3. Use the discipline of a framework.

4. Think broader than the typical CEO-delivered message. And don’t disappear.

5. Put on your “real person” hat.

6. Tell a story.

7. Use 21st-century media and be unexpected.

8. Make the necessary investment.


We can develop an ongoing marketing and communications strategic plan, which encompasses a mixture of advertising, selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing for your company or organization. A strategic Marcom plan will not be successful without a stellar website design and content management plan. 

      Are you ready to commit to the process? We're just a phone call away! 


  • Fact: A strategic marketing communications plan will help you reach your business goals or advance your mission by leveraging industry-standard tactics such as sales promotion and advertising. 


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