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Archiving has always been important for the preservation of news whether it's historical or not. Archiving news articles is the most definitive way to ensure the history of our nation is not lost for generations to come. 

With the invention of computers and the World Wide Web, we now gather our news from the digital realm. As such, we also archive our news within this same realm. We no longer have the tangible files to peruse. What we have instead is a vast collection of digital files created by a bevy of 1s and 0s which equate to legible text for our reading pleasure. 

We have gathered what we believe are the most important articles for your edification. This archival of articles date back to 2014 when we began to gather what we believe are some of the most important articles about the hottest trends, tactics, and best practices in the world of mass communications. 

Web Feet Communications does not endorse or validate any of the companies, services, or programs mentioned in these articles. These articles are for information purposes only.



Fourteen best practices for company website management (3/5/2020)

Why hire a content editor to manage your website content (4/6/2020)

The History of Website Design (5/11/2020)

Bad Website Design Isn't Just Annoying--It Costs You  (7/14/2020)

What to Consider When Hiring a Web Designer (11/102020)

What Do Web Design Firms Use to Build E-Commerce Sites? (11/16/2020)


10 Quick tips on SEO for a restaurant website (3/26/2019)
10 types of content and experience platforms: Which are best for your business? (4/4/2019)

Digital Influence: Web Design's Impact on Marketing Strategy (4/4/2019)
Web Design and Development Services: The 3 Questions Your Business Needs Answered (5/7/2019)
Keep Digital Content Fresh to Drive Engagement and Sales (7/1/2019)

Four tips for effective website design (7/19/2019)

What are the benefits of interactive website designs? (7/23/19)

Which marketing tasks are the easiest to outsource? (10/13/19)

Ten ways to improve your website design and land more customers (12/3/2019)

Why your business website needs an SSL certificate  (12/10/2019)



How a good website design increases your conversions ( 3/13/2018)

Seven content marketing tactics to help you engage your target audience in 2018 (2/28/2018)

How to choose a Web Design Company (4/17/2018)

Seven common website design mistakes nonprofits make (4/30/2018)

Why blogging is an important part of your content marketing strategy (5/2/2018)

How a communications director adds value to your church

How to design an aesthetically pleasing website (5/18/18)

Four reasons why effective writing must figure in your website design strategy (6/27/18)

The two core web design principles that keep projects on track (7/24/2018)
Making the case for good PR and how to achieve it (12/14/2018)


How to hire a website designer and not get burned (01/10/2017)
The Importance of Having a Professional Web Design For Your Business Website [Infographic] - Business 2 Community  (5/16/2017)
Why Public Relations Agencies are Evolving
Nine signs you need a new B2B website design (8/3)2017)
The Truth about content marketing and what brands need to know
Thirteen important elements to include when designing a website (10/13/2017)
Five not so obvious benefits of content marketing (12/6/2017)


January 2016
What is public relations? (1/14/2016)
Five things everyone show know about public relations

February 2016
Ten reasons why content matters (2/8/2016)
Five marketing tips for nonprofits (2/13/2016)


March-October 2016
Five benefits of content marketing (3/9/2016)
The 7 biggest marketing mistakes every startup makes (3/23/2016)
Your nonprofit's public relations campaign must tell a story (3/24/2016)
Seven reasons your business must have a sound content marketing strategy

Five reasons why mobile apps are not a replacement for your website (5/6/2016)

How to know it's time to outsource content marketing (6/21/2016)
Who should create your content?
My numbers are fine...Do I need to invest in content marketing? (8/18/2016)
Why content marketing is not an overnight success (10/5/2016)

January 2015
Lack of websites common pitfall for small businesses(1/6/15)
$150k per second: What small businesses can learn from pricey super bowl ads (1/31/15)

February 2015
3 secrets to content marketing for B2B small businesses (2/14/15)

March 2015
How a small business can automate social media and PR (3/25/15)

April 2015
Three reasons why small businesses can use video marketing (4/8/15)

Marketing Mathematics: Why you need to invest in website engagement
Mobilegeddon? Google search engine change could hit small business (4/21/15)
Why Sheryl Sandberg wants you to make a Facebook video (4/24/15)

May 2015
29 reasons to use email marketing (As told by small business owners(5/13/15)

A small business owner's guide to building an Internet presence

June 2015
Small businesses' social ROI struggles won't stop (6/3/15)

How to launch a website for your small business (6/14/15)

July 2015
Small business marketing: Do I need a new website (7/5/2015)

August 2015
Small business marketing: SEO or SEM? (8/3/15)

How can a website benefit your small business (8/10/15)
How to protect your business when advertising sales and discounts (8/14/15)

October 2015
The top B2B content marketing excuses destroyed (10/1/2015)

The dos and don'ts of content marketing (10/5/15)
Don't skimp on PR: How public relations can grow (10/7/15)
Five budget-friendly public relations tactics for small businesses (10/17/2015)
The most important form of content marketing--your website--is probably lacking

November 2015
Five tricks to strengthen your content marketing (11/4/2015)

The five unbreakable rules of public relations (11/4/2015)
Three effective tips for marketing to millennials (11/4/2015)
When outsourcing makes sense (11/9/2015)
The difference between native advertising and content marketing: what you need to know (11/9/2015)
The role of content marketing is not just about creating new content but leveraging what's out there
Seven guiding principles for branding your company with content (11/21/2015)
Why holiday posts are an important part of content marketing (11/22/2015)
How to hire a content writer to help with marketing (11/25/2015)
Six very expensive marketing mistakes you need to avoid (11/25/2015)
Five must-have types of content marketing (11/26/2015)

December 2015
Using webinars as content marketing (12/1/2015)
How to create an effective content marketing strategy for 2016 (12/3/2015)
Content Marketing: A new frontier (12/08/2015)
How to overcome the most common B2B content marketing challenges in 2016 (12/08/2015)
Fifteen steps to build your 2016 marketing plan (12/9/2015)
Promotion World: How to market through public relations concerns (12/14/2015)
Content marketing for e-commerce websites: Three strategies to lead the game (12/14/2015)
Boosting your brand through indirect marketing (12/14/2015)
Content Marketing: Why you should write blog posts in a series (12/19/2015)
Fifteen marketing tasks you should outsource immediately (12/23/2015)

March 2014
Small business, social media: Why the two should mix (3/1/14)
The unexpected benefits of chit-chat for business networking 3/20/2014
Attention small business owners: SEO demands your involvement (3/3/2014)
Your small business really does need mobile (3/10/2014)
Big marketing ideas for small business (3/24/14)
95 percent of small businesses failed on social media (3/25/2014)

May 2014
Wisely choosing technology to advance your company (5/8/2014)
What's your password SMB webinar 
Small businesses overlook the power of the local search (5/28/14)

June 2014
How small businesses can leverage social media content production (6/1/14)

Facebook to Small Businesses: Buy more ads (6/4/14)
The biggest lie ever told to small business owners about marketing and what to do about it (6/5/14)
Google my business: An easier way to manage your business listing online (6/12/14)
Add value to your customer's inbox with email marketing (6/13/14)
How to turn around a bad review online successfully (6/17/2014)
The importance of creating your own web content for your small business (6/25/14)

July 2014
These 20 important Facebook communities for business (7/2/14)

Do you know what's wrong with your business image (7/29/14)

August 2014
3 ways to gain attention for your small business (8/11/14)


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