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Reading the news has been a mainstay in the lives of people since the printing press was invented centuries ago. We cherished those afternoons sitting in the family room reading sections of the Sunday paper and the all-important comic section that brighten everyone’s day.  

With the invention of computers and the World Wide Web, we now gather our news from the digital realm. We can no longer sit in one room and share sections of the paper. Unfortunately, we have lost our beloved newspapers to the digital movement, but we have gained the ability to read and hear news from around the world at the touch of a finger.   

We have gathered what we believe are the most important articles for your edification. Read the latest linked news articles about the hottest trends, tactics, and best practices in the world of mass communications.

Web Feet Communications does not endorse or validate any of the companies, services, or programs mentioned in these articles. These articles are for information purposes only.



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Creating Effective Content For Your Website ( (9/24/2021)


Fourteen best practices for company website management (3/5/2020)

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The History of Website Design (5/11/2020)

Bad Website Design Isn't Just Annoying--It Costs You  (7/14/2020)

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What Do Web Design Firms Use to Build E-Commerce Sites? (11/16/2020)

Benefits of Web-Accessibility in UX Design (11/17/2020)

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Local Communications Company Receives International Marketing and Communications Award (November 2018)

Web Feet Communications Receives 2017 Clinton Small Business Excellence Award (October 2017)

Web Feet Communications Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Clinton Award (2016)

Small Business in DMV Competing for $100,000 Mission Main Street Grant (May 2015)

Communications Company Offers Affordable Services to Niche Market (September 2013)

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